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Eleven dogs seized from home after months-long investigation


Eleven dogs were seized from a Tyler home after a months-long welfare investigation, and the owner says the dogs were taken as she was trying to comply with the investigation.

Vera Crow, the dogs' owner, said she was trying to get rid of the dogs in what she calls a personal breeding kennel.

But after one of her dogs escaped in June and was taken to the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville.

Investigators from Tyler Animal Control did a welfare check of Crow's Kennel.

Crow told us, "As I'm getting older, I was trying to close the kennel, and I was trying to find homes for the rest of the dogs."

There was rodent infestation within the kennel. There were conditions in which the animals were being housed, their pens or cages, if you will, were not of a sanitary nature and had quite an accumulation of droppings and urine," said animal control officials.

They also say the dogs needed to be groomed and bathed and they had flea infestations and respiratory infections.

Crow signed a plea agreement because she owned more than the four dogs allowed by the city of Tyler, and animal control officials continued to check to make sure conditions had improved.

After a visit on September 27, animal control officials recommended the remaining eleven animals be seized. They were on September 28, and a municipal court judge ruled in a civil animal cruelty hearing on October 2 that the dogs be removed from Crow's care.

Crow has ten days to appeal the decision.

She said, "I was planning to, but I haven't been able to get a lawyer, you know, because they want about $500 to put it up front.It would cost me about $6,000 for the appeal, which I don't have, unless I go sell something, which I don't want to do."

Above all, Crow says she wasn't given time.

"They didn't give me an opportunity to clean it up like they wanted it. I didn't want to do it anyway, but I would have done it in order to keep the dogs if they had given me time," she said.

"The dogs weren't in good health. We don't want to take dogs that are being treated good, that are being treated healthy, that are being loved as pets should be loved," said officials.

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