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Fundraiser for ETX man with a mystery illness

An East Texas man has had a mystery illness for almost a year now; it's one that has almost completely deteriorated his body and effected his brain.
Sunday, the community of Van came together for a boot drive, to raise money to send Victor Jimenez to the Mayo Clinic where he was accepted as a patient.

Event organizer Holly Reding says, with all Victor and his family have done for the community of Van, they wanted to try and help him now.

"He has just done so much for this community, we really wanted to help him and his family out by sending him to the mayo clinic," Reding said.

Victor Jimenez's symptoms first began on September 11, 2011.

"It began in my left side and went to my right side. This numbness, tingling, pain, and it went all the way up to my head," Jimenez said. 

From there, Victor's body simply began deteriorating, with blindness, memory loss, loss of hearing, no longer being able to walk, and the list continues on.

"It's the rarest oddest, disease that anyone in this area has seen," Amanda Jimenez, Victor's wife, said.

They saw doctor after doctor and received diagnosis after diagnosis, each one eventually turning out to be wrong.

"We have no definite diagnosis as of right now. We just know that it is this anti-body that is  turning his white blood cells against his body," Amanda Jimenez said.
Victor said this past year has completely changed his and his families life.

"Not being able to interact with the kids, throw the football and play basket ball, you know get out and do things that we normally do every day of our lives," Victor said.

Victor and his wife must cover the complete costs of their two week stay at the outpatient hospital at Mayo Clinic. If they miss their appointment on November 19, they will not receive another one. The community is holding fundraiser's to try and help the family get to the Mayo Clinic and there stay.

Today's boot drive was not the only fundraising event. A hot dog and hamburger cookout will be held on October 13 and there will be a Four Man Scramble golf tournament at the Garden Valley Golf Course on October 14.

If you can't make it out to those events, you can also donate at the Texas Bank and Trust in Van. Donate to the Victor Jimenez benefit fund





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