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Lady linebacker in Whitehouse


When it came to playing football, Whitehouse 8th grader Micayla Rude wouldn't take 'no' for answer.

"She (Micayla) has been very passionate about it," said Rude's mother Nicole Spradling.  "Her coach mentioned that she's talked about for the last two years. He says he's never seen anyone so passionate about it."

With a last name like Rude, Micayla was destined to for the gridiron. Destined to play linebacker. You could say it's in her blood.

"Her (Micayla) aunt also played linebacker," said Spradling.  "Which was unheard of back in the 80's. So I was surprised but she was very excited."

Rude loves sharing football stories with her aunt on the phone.

"She inspired me because I was like, 'My aunt did this, why can't I?'"

After getting on the field for the first time last week, Micayla immediately made a big play.

"The first time I went in I got a fumble recovery," said Micayla.  "I was like, 'Did that just happen?' All the guys piled on top of me. All the coaches were like 'Did you get that?'"

Her coaches were thrilled.

"On the first play in it was great," said Whitehouse Junior High Athletic Coordinator Ron Martin.  "I think I was more excited for her than she was."

The news spread to Whitehouse High School, where senior Wildcat and big brother Levi Rude got to say, 'That's my little sister.'

"No matter what anyone says she's going to keep doing it," said Rude.  "Being her bigger brother it makes me proud to see my little sister not care what anyone says and go out and make the team and actually enjoy what she's doing and stick to it."

Will Whitehouse High School have another Rude on the football field next year? We'll see.

"Depends on how much they grow," Micayla said.

That's a good answer.

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