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Better East Texas: School lunch rules

By Pat Stacey

We have a multi-pronged campaign across America to get people to eat smaller portions during our meals or, at least, eat healthier foods.  A recently started government program – the Get Kids Healthy campaign - targets improvement in school lunches and has kids across the land complaining of hunger in the afternoon on school days.  I received a copy of a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama from Maddie a seventh grader in Big Sandy.  Part of it reads – "we have less food and not many choices," and "the kids at my school just don't eat it" in reference to the lunches now being served.  School lunches have always been easy targets for criticism and most can certainly be improved, but here, again, we have the government legislating personal decisions.  If I want to eat a fried twinkie for lunch then it should be my decision.  I hope my kids will eat healthy or healthier over time but they understand the consequences of their actions.  And on top of the revised lunch program, we have New York City officials passing laws against Big Gulps.  It feels to me like our government's arms are getting very close to our refrigerators – and that is some personal space.  I also understand that these laws are created to fight obesity but the best way to do that is to get people moving and exercising not telling them what they can and can't eat.  I'll take the occasional fried twinkie – and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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