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Family angry at school after child's injury

An East Texas couple says their four-year-old was injured at school, and they say that injury was a result of how the teacher handled him. Alexander Normet was at Kilgore Heights pre-K school yesterday when, according to his teachers, he had an accident.

"The school had called and said that Alex had fell and hurt himself and he needs to go to the hospital," said Alexander's mother Amanda Normet.

But Alex told his mother a much different story.

"He said the teacher grabbed his left leg, and pulled his leg out from underneath him and that he fell back and hit his head on a file cabinet. I called the principal and demanded to speak to these teachers," Amanda says.

The Normets say the school did not call an ambulance.

"It doesn't make sense. Why did I have to send somebody and pick my child up and take him to the hospital? He had a head injury, why wasn't EMS called?" says Alexander's father, Shane Normet.

It wasn't a scratch. It was a 2-inch gash in his head that required five stitches.

"The cut was so deep you could see muscle moving inside the hole," says Amanda.

Kilgore police are now investigating.

"We're going to look into it, do a thorough investigation. Once the report's completed it'll be forwarded to our criminal investigation division and they'll begin looking into it," says Captain Roman Roberson of the Kilgore Police.

As for the Normets, they say they're angry over the school's inconsistent story.

"There's been no sympathy no contacting me, asking how the child was, no apology," Amanda says.

And Alex may have serious trust issues now.

"He's been telling me he doesn't want to go back to school, he doesn't want this teacher to hurt him," she said. 

Kilgore I-S-D declined an on-camera interview, but did tell us today that there is an internal investigation on their part, and that the teachers-aide in question has been placed on administrative suspension. Alexander is fine, and was back in school today.

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