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12-year-old girl wants birthday gifts to be donations for others


For most kids, the best part about a birthday party is all of the gifts! But one East Texas birthday girl is excited for a different reason: she is using her special day to give back to others.

Natalie Korff turns 12-years-old this week, but she doesn't want any gifts for herself.

"I don't need anything for my birthday. My family is always asking what I want for my birthday. They keep on asking. I just don't really want anything," said Korff.

Korff's grandmother, Sandy McMurray, wanted to do something special for her.

McMurray said, "I said, 'Well, someone's going to want to do something,'. She said, 'Well, let's donate,' and I said, 'Ok, where to?' She said, 'The Children's Advocacy Center.' "

Natalie told her friends about the Children's Advocacy Center, and how it benefits young children in need. It didn't take long for the gifts to arrive, all to fill the empty shelves at the center.

"Jesus, he didn't ask for anything, He gave love, He just gave kindness to everybody, and I want to become a completely committed follower of him," explained Natalie.

Natalie's selfless attitude is already making and impact in the community.

"This young lady shows tremendous maturity and character. You can hear her voice and just see the lord's light through her, I think she's amazing and wanted to be here to support her," said Rusk County District Attorney Michael Immersion.

"I was a little overwhelmed when I got a text over the weekend about it, but after meeting her, it's just unbelievable. She's just an amazing girl," said the executive director of the Advocacy Center, Kishla Salazar.

Any snacks, toys, or stuffed animals the Center receives will go to help children who have been, or are, at-risk of experiencing physical or sexual abuse.

"Every child that comes to the center leaves with an animal and possibly a book, so we may buy items like that," said Salazar.

It's those items Natalie hopes to donate to other children by sacrificing her own birthday gifts.

You can support Natalie by donating to the Rusk County Children's Advocacy Center.

They accept any sealed food items, toys, games, or stuffed animals.

You can find the contact information for the Advocacy Center on our homepage. Just click on the Big Red Box and then look for the title, "Donations for Rusk County Children's Advocacy Center."

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