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East Texas College Campus Crime Rates


The annual crime rate statistics are out for three East Texas Universities.

Crime rates at UT Tyler were lower in 2011 than they were in 2010.

In 2011 there was 1 sex offense that happened in the dorm rooms.

There was one robbery on campus. No reports of aggravated assault, and burglaries went from five in 2010, to three in 2011.

During the 2011 year there was fewer arrest for liquor and drug violations. There was 10 arrest made for liquor violations inside the dorm rooms. Descending from 17 in 2010. Drug violations had nine arrest, also inside the dorm rooms.

Judicial Referrals for liquor saw a major decline from the 2010 year with only having seven. Though referrals on drug violations went from having no violations in 2010, to having five in 2011.

Tyler Junior College crime rates also saw a decline in 2011. One on campus sex offense was reported. There were no reports of aggravated assault.

Burglary went from having 11 in 2010, to having four in 2011. All four happened in the dorm rooms. There was one report of motor vehicle theft.

Two accounts of liquor law violations were reported. One was on campus, and the other was in the dorm rooms. Drug violations rose from the previous year to eight, with seven being in the dorm rooms.

East Texas Baptist University saw it's low points and high points in the 2011 crime report.

No reports for robbery were made. Burglary on campus declined from 2010, to three. While burglaries at the dorm rooms more than doubled, bringing its total to 14. Three cases of motor vehicle theft took place.

Two separate arrest was made for drug violation. One was on campus and the other was in the dorm rooms.

Several cases happened where drugs or liquor were found and no arrest was made. Three on campus drug violations along with 18 dorm room violations took place with no arrest. No arrest were made involving liquor as well. Two on campus, and 11 dorm room violations were made with no arrest.

There was also 10 separate cases of larceny at East Texas Baptist University.

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