Terrorist Claim They Have Taken An American Marine Hostage

The latest kidnappings come just three days before the U.S. hands over power to Iraqis.

Arab television says Islamic militants have abducted a U.S. Marine and they are threatening to behead him. Sunday the pentagon confirms the Marine is missing. The video shown on the Al Jazeera network shows a blindfolded man dressed in fatigues.  His captors are seen holding a knife to his neck.

Photo identification says the hostage is a U.S. Marine by the name of Wassef Ali Hassoun. Senior military officials confirm that a Marine with the same name has been missing for a week. Hassoun was of Lebanese descent, and the Marine Corps believed he had gone awol.

The hostage is just one of several being held by insurgents throughout the country. Just today -- kidnappers released video showing one of their latest victims -- a Pakistani driver working for the coalition. The man's been given only three days to live unless a group of Iraqi prisoners is released.

In the meantime -- the fate of three Turkish hostages in unknown.  Their captors released a videotape Saturday -- saying the men had only 72-hours to live unless the Turkish government met their demands.

The kidnappers claim ties to Abu Musab Al Zarqawi -- a man the coalition has been desperately trying to capture or kill.

Thomas Hamill -- the American who escaped after being held hostage for almost a month -- spoke about the recent kidnappings on Sunday. "The people who are doing the beheadings, that are taking these hostages, they are just bullies, they are trying to bully their way in, trying to get all of our coalition forces to pull out."

The hostage described to be a U.S. Marine would not be the first American servicemember to be captured in Iraq. Private Keith Matthew Maupin is still missing after being kidnapped in April.