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Shoppers jump in to help purse-snatching victim


Some would call them heroes, although they don't really think of themselves that way.

We're talking about several complete strangers who leapt into action when they saw someone in need.

Saturday, during the lunch hour, a woman had just finished shopping at the Wal-Mart on Fourth Street in Longview when she had her purse snatched.

When she yelled, 'he has my purse' several witnesses decided that she was going to have her purse back. One of them was Josh Rollins.

Josh thought he was just going to make a quick, routine stop at Walmart. It turned out to be neither.

"And we heard this woman screaming. My wife rolled the window down and she's yelling, he's got my purse, he's got my purse! He was taking the purse and he was laughing. I thought they were playing at first, until I saw her and she was crying. And I saw him running around, and so I got out of the car and I'm going to chase the dude and there was another dude that had his little girl with him. He grabbed at the purse, and that's when we grabbed the dude, and I grabbed the purse and he ran around and we caught him down here," said Josh Rollins.

Using Google maps Josh shows exactly what happened. He said another man tackled Dekeimus Derrell Jones, and since neither of them had handcuffs they sat down on him.

"He said I have asthma, I can't be down here," Josh recalled.

When police arrived they surrendered their asthmatic "bench" to authorities.

Josh also said he had seen the white Cadillac Jones had stepped out of circling the lot before the incident, and heard Jones make a phone call telling someone to "just leave" after the incident.

The Cadillac was gone, but police know who owns it..

"I don't know. It was all weird. It was like a movie," Josh laughed.

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" I asked Josh.

"No, sir," He laughed.

"Would you do it again?" I asked Josh.

"Yes. I don't see why not," Josh answered.

Dekeimus Jones says he bumped the woman with his car door as he was getting out of his car, and the woman began hitting him with her purse. Then the strap got caught around his arm as he ran from her.

The victim says Jones did bump her with his car door, but she didn't hit Jones. She says he grabbed the purse and pulled it from her hands.

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