Changing Our World: Frankston High School Class Of '44

The Frankston High School class of 1944 got together for their 60th reunion recently. Among the many contributions of this Greatest Generation class are more than 200 years of teaching our younger generation. While America was winning World War II in Europe and the South Pacific, members of The Greatest Generation at home were shaping the leaders of the future. Although there are doctors, lawyers, and bankers in the 23-member graduating class of '44, a third of the class became teachers. Class member Tom Pratt figured up a total of 218 years spent in the classroom by the Frankston graduates. Mary Griffin, who taught choral and band for 29 years, says there was a bond among students, parents, and teachers of her generation that has lasted a lifetime. It's one of the values she's tried to pass on. There are many values that have been passed on to thousands of young people from the members of The Greatest Generation; values that continue to Change Our World for the better.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.