NBA Star Returns Home For Basketball Camp

While prospective NBA players were waiting on the draft Thursday night, one player from East Texas wasn't even watching television. That's because Longview's David Wesley, who plays with the New Orleans Hornets, was busy coming home. We know Wesley as a star in the NBA, but after eleven years, Wesley is back home in Longview for the weekend, and helping the next generation of East Texas basketball players.

"I like this part of it," said Wesley. "I look forward to the day I get to teach and coach and that kind of thing, and that's why I'm giving back, just giving these kids an opportunity to come in and learn. Some of these kids fall in love with the game from here or some of these kids go on to something else, you know, it gives them a chance to be part of something and have fun."

Wesley says he's here for the kids, and if they get a little nervous around him, it's okay. He remembers when he was an up and coming baller himself.

"I remember when Stefan Johnson was trying to play with the Clippers, when he came into the gym," said Wesley. "I remember how big he looked and how impressed I was just seeing him just come in the gym. So you know, I'm sure these kids have that type of feel when I come in, knowing I'm playing against some of the greatest players in the world."

This weekend, one of Longview's finest is back, and giving back to his hometown.

Reid Kerr reporting.