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Better East Texas: Rhode Island law

By Pat Stacey

The traditional family has been under attack for years but recently a story out of Rhode Island is especially caustic.  The school board in the small town of Crankston, Rhode Island has cancelled all gender-specific dancers and other events like the father-daughter dance or mother son ballgames.  The school board is really not the bad guy, they are just respecting a Rhode Island law that prohibits discrimination at these types of events.  The school board has petitioned state lawmakers for a change in the law.  It is really sad that we are at a point where a father-daughter dance could be construed as something discriminatory.  There are certain things in our culture that take specific qualifications to participate in and those things, whether events like a father-daughter dance or a mother-son ballgame, cannot fall victim to being watered down or even eliminated because someone thinks they are discriminatory.  Or country is stronger when diversity is united and honored and we are weakened when we try to homogenize or blend and dilute our cultures.  I hope this doesn't come off as callous but I guess it is an unfortunate reality if you can't attend a father-daughter dance and you don't have a father or don't have a daughter.  It's just one of those situations in life that won't please everyone.  We'll see if the Rhode Island lawmakers agree.

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