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TransCanada Pipeline protestor cements self to easement


Protestors continue to do all they can to delay the Transcanada Pipeline Project in East Texas.

In Wood County on Monday, one of those protestors physically attached himself to the easement where construction was scheduled to take place. 

The protestor was using at least his arm and concrete to stay locked in place. A tarp, put up by officials, kept other protestors and media from seeing what exactly was going on.
"We were never on the easement. They tried to get us off the property [and were] saying we didn't have permission to be out here. The land owner came out here and she seemed very devastated," said Cindy Spoon, a protestor.

The protestors said they offered to leave, but the property owner said she didn't care if they stayed. She told them she just didn't want to watch what was happening.

Her son, Gabriel Cordova, said when their family signed the pipeline contract four years ago, they weren't signing up for this.

"When I was investigating what they were pumping through this, I found out it was coming from Alberta, Canada and it's going to be a tar sands oil. All of the stuff they have to dilute this oil [with] and all of the toxins they have to mix with this oil... it's just a very detrimental to the environment.

"Transcanada was never honest about it being tar sands oil that's coming through the pipe and not crude oil," said Spoon.

Cordova said he's sad to see the kids on his property having to go to such extremes to  be heard. But, he says he's confident their cause is one worth fighting for.

Cordova said he felt like he fought for oil as an Operation Desert Storm veteran and now he feels like he's fighting for his property.

"I just wanted to move out here and live in peace-- peace and quiet. Now, we have to fight a major billion dollar corporation over land-- over our land. If we didn't accept anything from them, they were just going to take it my eminent domain and our government let that happen. It's just very frustrating to be an American when this is going on," said Cordova.

Wood County Officials on the scene were able to get the protestor off the easement around 4:30 p.m. Monday. 

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