Smelly Water Problem Solved

The city of Tyler hopes it has conquered the problem of smelly, bad-tasting water.

Dead algae created a terrible problem earlier this year. The smell and taste was so bad, the Lake Palestine Treatment Plant was taken off line.

The city now thinks the problem is solved and to prove it, they conducted a taste test today. Eight randomly chosen people, plus members of the media, were given three cups of water to taste and smell.

One cup had water from the Lake Palestine Plant; one had water from Lake Tyler; and the other was a blend of the two. In the blind test, tasters rated each sample. Here's what they had to say afterward.

"The blend and the Lake Palestine, you couldn't differentiate between the two," Wilburn Criss, a Tyler resident, said. "And I thought it just tasted normal."

"I didn't have a favorite," Steve Mills, another Tyler resident, said. They all tasted very good."

The scores were very close. Out of 110 points, the water from the Golden Road Plant at Lake Tyler scored the lowest. Lake Palestine's water came in 2nd. And the blended water got the highest score.

Tyler Water Utilities says they plan to bring the Lake Palestine Plant back online sometime next week.

Julie Tam, reporting.