Options: No Water, No Hot Water, Or Scalding Hot Water

"Ever since I've been staying here, my water does not get hot," LaToya Williams, a resident, said. "I have to boil the water on the stove. It's cold. There's no warmness to it."

That's one story. Some tenants have another problem.

"When we were just taking a bath, when we would put the water hot, you couldn't come cold, so then my mom kind of fixed it," Mar Hernandez, a resident, said.

She fixed it by mixing cold water to cool down boiling hot water.

Some residents say this is not the first time they've problems with their water. It's a recurring problem of either no hot water or scalding hot water.

Hernandez's mother can't speak English, so Hernandez expressed her feelings about the situation for her.

"Well, my mom, she's frustrated sometimes," she said.

"It's pitiful," Williams said. "I have three kids. I have to put her in the tub. Then I have to turn back around and boil it for my boys. And then for me."

But a few residents say they rarely have water problems.

"I only had problems one time," Rena Hambrick, a resident, said. "And that was a couple months ago when the water was off for a couple days. But other than that, mm mm (no)."

Management declined to talk on camera, but say they're working as fast as they can to fix the problem and will hopefully have the water back on later tonight.

Residents we talked to say they received flyers from management notifying them their water would be turned off.

Julie Tam, reporting.