New Bible Based Diet: Heaven Sent?

Tina Harris is no stranger to dieting. In the past few years she's been through several. But she says the one she's shopping for now is the right one. "I've been on the diet for twenty-three days and I've lost ten pounds, which is good for me," says Harris.

It's "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin- a forty day plan to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. But unlike most diets today, there are no calories to count and no carbs to cut out. Instead you eat fresh, all natural foods. That means no sugar, no additives and no preservatives.

"He believes that since God created us, He had a plan for our eating and it was a more natural plan without any kind of pesticides in our food or any kind of additives or preservatives. He believes those things are detrimental to our health," Harris says the author states in his book.

The diet includes foods like organic fruits and vegetables, all natural chicken, fish, and whole grains. But with a sea of other popular diets to choose from that seem to include the same kinds of foods, why this one?

"The exciting thing for me was I can integrate prayer into it. It's part of a holistic way of eating. It's not just about your body and you don't just focus on food and diet all the time," says Tina.

But the healthy lifestyle foods don't come cheap. In addition to feeding her nine children their favorites, Tina says her personal grocery bill has doubled. "Good food just costs more money," Tina says.

Even though eating like 'The Maker', costs a pretty penny, Tina says it's an investment she's willing to make.

"Twenty-three days into it, I'm very excited about it and I really think I'm going to stick with it."

Reporting: Braid Sharp