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Warriors invade Tyler Pounds Regional Airport!


They fought for us. They fought so we don't have to. They volunteered to endure hardships we will never know so we can have cool homes and warm families.

The lucky ones return unscathed to our grateful country, but not all of them were so lucky. Some gave all while others returned scarred by war.

Hope for the Warriors and Wounded Warriors are working to heal the scars of battle. This weekend is the fifth annual Texas Wounded Warrior Celebrity Pro-am and Celebration.

And something as simple as a game of golf can help them ease back into their lives. We caught up with them as they arrived at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

Maybe this goes without saying: East Texans are patriots. When they hear of a freedom fighter stepping foot on East Texas soil, well, they're going to make sure those U.S. Warriors know they're part of the family.

Marie Marin has discovered just that. She hurt her back and suffered traumatic brain injury when an I.E.D. detonated, rolling her truck.

Five months ago she went home to San Antonio. It's a long trip back, but the change from desert brutality to emotional hugs can be abrupt.

"You know, unfortunately a lot of times we're not well-prepared to deal with going from high vigilance of always being aware of your surroundings at all times to coming home and getting a hug from someone, and not really acting in a negative way, knowing that these people love you and respect you and don't want to hurt you. It does take time. Some people longer than others depending on their injuries and experiences. But it's events like this here in Tyler, Texas that allows us to heal, just knowing that people appreciate what we do, and give us that time to recover and that time to heal. It's a great thing for us," Marie said.

"Is there a Mr. Marie?" I asked her.

"No, unfortunately there isn't a Mr. Marie, but who knows. Maybe now that I'm back home, there might be. He has to be a golfer, an outdoorsy person, a skeet shooter, a fisherman, he's got to be everything," Marie revealed.

"Okay, well, this is channel 7, not a dating service, so..."

I was interrupted by her laughter.

"That's okay...who wants to be...?" she asked.

Well, having all these new family members will probably hold her over for a little while.

Saturday at 7:30 there will be a performance by Randy Travis at K.E. Bushman. Tickets are still available. The golf tournament is at Eagles Bluff at 12:30.

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