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Protestors claim torture in pipeline incident


TransCanada protestors had to be pepper sprayed and tazed in an incident Tuesday in Wood County where they locked themselves to a piece of machinery, refusing to leave.

The group is now claiming the incident was torture.

Members of the Tar Sands Blockade has, up until Tuesday, used peaceful protest and stayed within their boundaries, but crossing into TransCanada right of way got them more than they bargained for.

Two protestors using a four inch pipe and wrist chains, locked the selves son a piece of surveying equipment Tying it up for hours.

Wood County deputies after lengthy tries to talk the pair out finally had to use pepper spray.

When tab didn't work, tazers were used to get the pair unlocked--something the group calls torture.

"It's absolutely ridiculous," Wood County Sheriff Bill Wansley says, "They don't have permission to be on the property that's through the court system. We didn't hurt them."

The pair were charged with trespassing and resisting arrest.
Neither was hurt.

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