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Better East Texas: Driverless cars

By Pat Stacey

Well General Motors announced they have been investing time, money and personnel resources to make a better car.  Were they working on improving crash safety or, better yet, improving gas mileage?  No.  G-M engineers have been busy developing the Supercruise feature that will eventually drive your car for you.  With features like speed control, steering control, accident avoidance and others, the Super cruise lets the driver relax and enjoy the ride.  But is this really too far of a leap of technology.  I applaud the creativity but aren't there multiple other fronts that need to be improved on cars.  The lawsuits haven't even been finalized from the accelerator sticking problem from a few years ago and now we want to put all critical systems – critical safety systems – on a small computer under the hood?  Google has also come out with a driverless car that California lawmakers pass a law allowing such on their roadways.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why you would need a driverless car and I would think that the last thing California would need is more, driverless traffic.  I suppose their goal is to develop the attention-free model similar to General Motors but why not test it with a person in the vehicle?  Neither one of these "advances" make any sense to me but perhaps there is an end game that I just don't see – way down the road.  Keep drivers in cars and driving cars.  It makes sense and will make it a Better East Texas.

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