"Explosive Proof" Under Question In Court

Tom Lee Golightly, Jr. is accused of possessing an unregistered explosive device. But in court on Wednesday, his defense attorney argued that ATF agents never saw Golightly with a bomb.

The ATF agent agreed. He said authorities arrested Golightly based on a bomb he allegedly made that was delivered to them by a confidential informant working for the ATF Bureau. Other evidence the agent claimed to have included tape recordings of conversations Golightly allegedly had with that informant. The agent said, in those alleged conversations, Golightly discussed plans to make bombs to kill people for money.

The defense says the ATF agents have yet to produce fingerprint evidence that Golightly actually made the bomb and possessed it.

"Today clearly shows that the entire case here is made up by the FBI agents, the ATF agents, and a confidential informant who is charged with a crime in Nacogdoches County and is making a deal to get off that, plus get his wife out of prison," R. Daryll Bennett, lead defense attorney, said.

Bennett says Golighlty is guilty of one offense: "Yeah, he's guilty of trying to get some money and running."

The prosecution would not comment on details in this case, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Arnold Spencer did say this: "The Justice Department, as well as the state and local district attorneys feel very strongly about these threats. Domestic and foreign terrorism are our number one priority."

The judge today made his decision to keep Golightly in jail, based in part on the fact that recently, Golightly has had no permanent residence, but has instead moved from motel to motel. The judge declined conditions that would let Golightly stay with his parents in Jacksonville.

The judge says the grand jury will likely hand down an indictment within the next couple of months. If found guilty, Golightly could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Julie Tam, reporting.