Vandals Throwing Rocks At Passing Vehicles In South Tyler

Vandals are throwing rocks at passing vehicles along a stretch of highway in South Tyler.

The incidents are happening on Frankston Highway near Luther Street. The vandals have smashed the windows of at least two SUV's and possibly others.

It was just after 10 p.m., Sunday night, when a drive to grandmother's house became a terrifying experience for Tracy Johnson, her two small boys, and a cousin.

"Next thing I heard was boom, boom, boom, glass started shattering," said Tracy. "It looked like it was sparks coming in, and (my son) was hollering and (my other son) was sleep. They were hollering like 'Mama! Mama! What happened? Who did this?'"

It was along that stretch of Frankston Highway that vandals launched rocks at her SUV. In the dark, with two frightened young boys, Tracy wasn't immediately sure what struck her vehicle.

"I was just trying to turn around and look back, and make sure they were okay because they were ducked down," she said.

One rock broke her front passenger window, a second, the side cargo window. Tracy was hit on the chin by one of the rocks. Her 7-year-old son, Jastyne, suffered cuts to his face from flying glass.

"I was driving. I guess the speed limit was between 50 and 55. The glass was coming so fast it was coming up."

This was not the first incident police have heard about.

Around 2 am Monday morning, vandals broke a back window of another SUV driving down Frankston Highway.

In March, it was at a home near the intersection that 15-year-old Ashlea Tedford barely missed being hit by a rock almost half the size of a human head.

"If I had been two more inches to the right of where I was standing," she said, "a big rock that had came through the window would have hit me square in the face."

The vandals threw the rock into the home's back window.

"It scared me, I started crying immediately."

Ashlea says she ran outside and saw teenage boys fleeing through the neighborhood. Tyler police have no suspects in any of the cases.

Tracy is now avoiding Frankston Highway. She has a message for the perpetrators.

"Ya'll need to stop, before you hurt someone seriously because I have two small kids and they could have really been hurt. If you do it again, you could hurt somebody else, you might take somebody's life."

If something like this happens to you, the Tyler police say it will help in their investigation, if you call them immediately.

Story by Maya Golden