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East Texans remember Andy Williams

He was a clean-cut Iowa boy with a smooth voice who entertained people for generations.

Singer Andy Williams died Tuesday night after a year-long battle with cancer. Williams was best known for his Oscar-winning song "Moon River," from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. For contemporary music lovers of the 60's, the voice of Andy Williams was familiar.

"I used to watch him on television, and when I was in Branson a couple of times, I went to see his plays his musical program. He was both a favorite of me and my wife," says Longview resident Earl Montgomery.

Williams became a big draw at Branson, Missouri, opening his own restaurant. Morgan and Alma Ruth Willeford of Longview saw Williams' concerts many times, and even met the singer.

"He was so genuine and his brothers singing with him and the knowledge that you were going to have good, wonderful entertainment," Alma says.

"We were eating at his restaurant and he was there eating and he came by and said hello. He just was so laid back, he'd make you feel at home," says Morgan.

Williams won an Emmy for his 1960's TV show, but most remember the song that made him a star: Moon River.

"Moon River. His voice, he had a real good voice. He had a very smooth voice he presented it with a smile and easiness and very enjoyable to listen to," Montgomery says.

Williams said in November 2011 that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer but planned to continue performing at the namesake theater he built in Branson in 1992.

"He was special. We miss him," says Betty Brantley.

Andy Williams was 84. Andy William's popular TV show in the 1960s first introduced the nation to the Osmond family. And through his Christmas specials, he became closely associated with the holiday standard 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.'

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