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Expert testimony continues in burned baby trial

Kenneth Walker. (Source: Smith County Jail) Kenneth Walker. (Source: Smith County Jail)
Shelley Walker. (Source: Smith County Jail) Shelley Walker. (Source: Smith County Jail)

Testimony continued Tuesday in the trial of two East Texas grandparents accused of scalding their two-year-old granddaughter's feet. 

Kenneth and Shelley Walker were arrested back in March on charges of injury to a child, causing serious bodily injury. A week-long investigation led to their arrest. 

Day two of testimony began with police describing their first thoughts in the beginning of the investigation.  

"Rather or not a crime had occurred, something had occurred there that I didn't agree that there had been enough supervision at the house to where a child was able to spend that much time alone," said a Tyler Police officer.

At that point, police say CPS was called-in. Detectives testified they were also concerned about the child's living condition at the home.

"The house was very cluttered and in my opinion it was dirty," said a detective. "I wouldn't live in a situation like that. I would clean-up a lot more. There were several dogs in the house. They weren't vicious animals, they were just small animals. But towards the bedroom area there was visible areas where the dogs had urinated a bunch and there was an odor of urine. There were dog feces, dried dog feces on the floor that had obviously been there a while and it just stank."

Expert witnesses, who treated the toddler's injuries, testified they also called CPS.

"There was a suspicion of a possible submerged burns that I have to report. Legally, I have to report it. It's not my job to investigate it any further than that," said Corey Mangus, trauma nurse. "Again, uniformity of the burns. If there was splash, that would be an additional part to it, but the fact that it looked like wearing socks submerged in burns that's what brought the attention."

The defense says the burns are accidental and that the toddler locked herself in the bathroom and turned on hot water.

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