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'We always look for things that you're not suppose to fry'

It's that time of the year when throwing the diet out of the weekend is ok.

The 97th East Texas State Fair is underway and one thing you can expect this year is lots and lots of fried food.

we do everything from fried jalapenos, to fried crawfish balls boudain balls, fried onion rings and fried green beans. Anything that you want to fry we can do it," says Ted Kamel, local food vendor.

"Our theme this year is 'calories on a stick don't count.' So we've added cheesecake, pork chop on a stick so there's something for every taste bud," says Heather Pickett, with the East Texas State Fair.

Since calories don't seem to be a factor at this year's state fair, let see what's in the fryer.

"Fried pickled watermelon is new this year and fried macaroni and cheese is new this year," says Kamel, "each year we look at different things; the number one item we have are fried pickles."

If that's not enough. how about some dessert? Fried cheesecake anyone?

"We always look for things that you're not suppose to fry, and we figure out how to fry them," says Kamel.

Kamel, who is a local Tylerite, has a regular day job, but indulges in the art of frying each year at the East Texas State Fair . Kamel says everything is fresh to order. Nothing is pre-breaded and nothing is frozen.

"We all have day jobs. This is just a part time gig that we do on the weekends we enjoy it. It's just a group of us that have fun doing this," says Kamel.

Kamel taking food frying to a whole another level.

The fair will be going on until this Sunday.

Students K-12 will be able to get in for free from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Click here for free student tickets.

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