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Better East Texas: Protests

By Pat Stacey

The U-S is once again the target of radical elements in the Middle East and across the world as protests and riots continue as a reaction to the amateur film the Muslims say insults Islam.  Protesters are burning American flags and in some case violence against America and our embassies has resulted.  The film at the center of the protests looks to have been made in America and that is association enough for those that wish our country ill.  We give millions if not billions to many of the countries that are protesting the film.  So our country and servicemen and ambassadors are put at risk, we are paying huge amounts of money to essentially prop up these governments and thousands are protesting and destroying our property and injuring our citizens.  Al Qaeda even tried to jump on the band wagon by encouraging more protests but they entered the situation too late to have any impact.  This is about those governments, who we prop up, getting control of the situation and protecting our people.  If they can't offer at least this then we owe it to those in harms' way to pull out and let these people feel they have been victorious – at least until they discover their country's infrastructure is crumbling and they can't fix it.  It will save our country a lot of money, a lot of lives and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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