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Smith County political parties registering voters at fair


Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, a day nonpartisan voter groups have organized to make sure as many people are registered to vote before the November 6 elections as possible.

But some East Texas political groups aren't waiting for National Voter Registration Day - they're already busy registering voters before the upcoming October deadline.

Yolanda Prince, the Smith County Democratic Party Volunteer Coordinator, says she is asking everyone she sees these days whether or not they're registered to vote.

"I've even been at the gas station and walked up to people to say, hey, are you registered to vote? I can register you right now," said Prince.

And she says it takes no time at all.

"Less than 5 minutes. It's really simple," Prince said. "And we encourage everybody that is eligible to vote to get out and to do so, because that's your right as an American citizen."

As National Voter Registration Day approaches, both parties have booths set up at the East Texas State Fair to register as many people as possible ahead of the October 9 Texas deadline.

"We've had many people very eager to register because they are very concerned about the condition of our country," said Jane Winn, the Smith County Republican Party Volunteer Coordinator. "They really want to do their part, and they feel like they're doing their part by registering to vote, getting other people to register to vote."

Both parties are concerned with reaching out to undecided voters - particularly those who are younger and who may need to be convinced about why voting is important.

And that's why so many of these volunteers are working hard now, before voters can even go to the polls.

"We believe in patriotism and serving our country, so we feel like this is very important, a very important way to serve our country by registering to vote and actually voting," said Winn.

"We are readily out in the community and registering people to vote, because we understand how important it is to give everybody, and I mean everybody, a chance to vote," Prince said.

The deadline to register to vote is October 9.

Both parties will be at the East Texas State Fair all week long and will also be registering people to vote at their headquarters. You can also visit the Secretary of State's website to register.

Visit here for more information about National Voter Registration Day.

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