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Search for elderly woman continues

Tonight at 10, we will have a new report on the continued search for an elderly woman and her son.  Francesca Washington will explain why investigators near Woodville say they won't give up until they find Lettie and John Fisher, even though they have been missing for a year.

We're continuing to track the West Nile cases in East Texas.  We'll have new information for you at 10.

Lauren Callahan is working on a new report about the push to register as many voters as possible before the upcoming October deadline.  She's been talking with workers from different political groups about what they're doing to flesh out the voter rolls.

You may be wondering when you can expect the weather to start reflecting the date on the calendar.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking all of the changes that could affect the weather where you live.  He'll explain the new forecast and give you an idea of when you start looking for the temperatures to start feeling more like Fall.



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