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Fall brings extra critters

Fall has officially arrived, and experts are saying you may want to be on the look out for extra critters this time of year.

There are animals we don't mind sharing our properties with, and then there are some that some people would rather keep at arm's length.

"This is a black rat snake," says Mandy Jordan of the Schiele Museum, "[They] tend to be very common."

Common--as in this time of the year when wildlife animals are active--moving around, looking for food, a place to stay warm as the temperature starts to drop.

"We may have some snakes come in, get confused. They go where there's warmth and food," Jordan explained.

This is also when snakes are born, so there are juvenile snakes all around.

Black Rat Snake babies are often confused with Copperheads, Jordan explained.

As fall approached, experts say it's not just snakes.

"You'll see animals such as squirrels, raccoons, possums," Jordan says.

They say it has been a nice summer for these animals.

There is a lot of food supply in backyards which will bring more animal activity.

Experts say people need to be cautious.

"You can find actual tracks, foot prints, poop, evidence of raccoons in trash cans."

That specific footage was taken in North Carolina, but here in East Texas, we are no strangers to critters.

East Texas is home to multiple species of Copperheads, Cottonmouths and rattle snakes. And we even have our own species of Coral Snake.

These snakes are most abundant in the fall, so outdoorsmen beware! And make sure to keep your trash out of reach of the critters looking for food and shelter.

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