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WEB EX: 10-year old boy home alone with intruder

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - A break-in Thursday morning left a 10-year old boy face to face with an intruder.

Ethan Becerra was in his home in Sylvania Township getting ready for school when an intruder entered the home.

"I was scared, and I did not feel so good being in there, and having all the stuff with the guy.  Because, he's a stranger, and I didn't know him," said Becerra.

Ethan's parents were both at work, his sister and brother had left for school just moments earlier. The suspect came through an unlocked garage door.

"I did not say anything, he did not say anything, so I ran in my room and hid in the closet," said Becerra.

Ethan picked up the phone and called his dad and then police.  A dispatcher stayed on the line with Becerra until police arrived.  When police arrived the suspect was gone.

Mother Sarah Becerra said she is happy her son was safe.

"For him it was just supposed to be a normal, go to school, watch cartoons before I go to school, grab my books and lunch and go to school. But instead, he has to deal with, 'oh, there's an intruder in the house, and scared.  I'm glad he knew enough to call 911," said Becerra.

Sylvania Township Police said Ethan was fortunate. The suspect did not get away with anything.

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