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New baby flamingos at Caldwell Zoo!

There are some new little faces over at Caldwell Zoo.

The flamingo exhibit has about 10 new babies and it looks like there are more to come.

The Caldwell Zoo is expecting about 18 new flamingo babies after breeding season is over.

Flamingo breeding season starts at the end of July and goes until the end of October.

"Right now we have Evan, Danny, Haley, Gabby, Rascal, Bella Nikki and Freddy, that's pretty much all of them, I think," says Caldwell Zoo bird supervisor, Brenda Davis.

Davis says they have about four eggs on the mounds and are expecting flamingos to lay a couple of more eggs.

"Right now, as you can see, they are still sitting on their mounds. They are still sitting on some eggs, there is also a couple of babies on the mounds. It's about four to seven days before they come off the mound and start walking around," says Davis.

While these eggs might look real, they're actually fake eggs that zoo keepers swap out with the real ones.

"That's just a way to protect the eggs from getting rolled off, but they do get their babies backs," says Davis.

So how do they know when to give the eggs back?

"We call it internal pipping. They pip into the air cell and you can actually hear them talking, which is what we call croaking. It will do that for about a day and then it actually breaks through the outer part of the egg and that is when we bring it back and put it on the mound," says Davis.

Both mom and dad take turns taking care of the baby until it's fully hatched

"Both mom and dad incubate as well as feed the baby. They produce a crop milk ,both the dad and mom, and they both feed the babies," says Davis.

It usually takes about one to three days for the babies to fully hatch.

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