Probation Violation For Lindsey Faisst?

This new investigation started early Sunday morning after a deadly wreck involving an EMT truck. It happened in Tyler, shortly after 4 am on Front Street and Mahon.

According to the police report, 21 year old Rebekah Rivera drove through the stop sign on Mahon. An ETMC ambulance, carrying a patient, crashed into Rivera's van. Rebekah was killed instantly. The police report says alcohol was involved. The passenger in Rebekah's van was Lindsey Faisst. Lindsey was not seriously injured.

As you may recall, Lindsey Faisst was involved in a deadly drunk driving wreck four years ago. In January 2000, Faisst tried to out run police after she had been drinking and crashed on FM 346 in Smith County. The passenger in her car, Ashley McCaa, died instantly. Lindsey was later charged with intoxicated manslaughter. Tonight, KLTV 7's Michelle Mortensen reports, authorities are trying to determine if Faisst was in violation of her probation in what appears to be another alcohol related accident.

"I just really hope that people listen to me when I say that its important you can not drink and drive."

That's the message Lindsey Faisst gave to KLTV after she was convicted of intoxicated manslaughter. In January of 2000 Faisst was at the wheel of this car when she tried to out run police at speeds of 110 miles per hour. The chase ended in a crash that left her passenger and best friend Ashley McCaa dead. 4 years ago Faisst admitted in a jail interview with KLTV 7, she had made a mistake drinking and driving and that it was a mistake that haunted her.

"I know this is something I'm going to have to live with for the rest of my life and it is just really hard.

Lindsey Faisst was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 10 years probation. As part of that probation she could not drink any alcohol and she had to obey a curfew. Now Lindsey's probation may be under investigation because of her possible involvement in a possible deadly drunk driving accident that happened after her curfew.

"Obviously being out past curfew is a violation of probation, I just don't know all the facts surrounding it," says District Attorney Matt Bingham.

He told KLTV 7 news, since the deadly accident this Sunday, Faisst has spoken with her probation officer. Bingham says once he gets all the facts on the case he will decided whether or not to file for her probation to be revoked.

"I can tell you right now across the board, if a person is on probation and they were using drugs or alcohol, Iam going to file for their probation to be revoked," says Bingham.

That will be the next step as authorities, for a second time, investigate an alcohol related accident involving Lindsey Faisst.