Reserve Your Copy Of "The Passion Of The Christ" On DVD And VHS

It earned more than $200 million at the box office. Now people are buying out The Passion of the Christ DVD and VHS, even before it's released.

The DVD and VHS is scheduled to be released August 31st but many stores are pre-selling the movie. That's the case here at the LifeWay Christian bookstore in Longview. Already the store has sold 50 copies of the movie. That's much higher than any other movie or book that has been pre-sold at the store.

"The movie doesn't come out until August 31st. So for us to be selling this well this quickly. The only other pre-sale that I've seen of this magnitude would be the left behind series. Which of course always does real well," says manager of LifeWay Christian bookstore Gary Loftin.

Sam's bookstore is also selling Passion of the Christ church packs. That's packs of 50 DVD's or VHS copies of the movie.

Amy Tatum reporting