Streets of Speed: Lazy Creek: Cars Collide On Slick Roads

Lazy Creek Drive curves downhill to Calloway Road. The speed limit is 25 mph. That's when the road is dry. But when the road is slick, like today, we all know the best thing to do is slow down.

But drivers we clocked with our "Speed Zapper" were not slowing down. They were going as high as 55 mph, with the average speed at 30.

Just a few minutes after it started to rain, there was a perfect example in the middle of the intersection of what can happen when road signs and conditions are ignored.

"In this kind of weather, you've got to slow down," Tyler Police Officer James Russworm said. "And especially if you're going downhill, you're going to accelerate going downhill. And then when you try to stop, you'll go into a skid."

And that's exactly what happened in the first accident we witnessed today. Police say a red car was trying to make a right turn from Lazy Creek onto Calloway and hit the gold car at the stop sign.

"This is a common location for accidents when we have this type of weather," Russworm said.

"Every time it rains, you can just depend on it," Woodie Marrs, a nearby resident, said. "Just a little water, it just gets so slick. Well, you see a car stopped over there now. Looks like they've just had another one."

Police say the cause of the second accident appears to be the same as the previous one.

"They just went straight into me, instead of being able to make the turn," Jessica Walters, the driver of the car that was hit, said. "It's not just when it's raining though. It's always. People lose control right here. I go through this intersection every morning and I almost got hit yesterday, and a car lost control of their car."

Julie Tam, reporting.