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Judge arrested for having "one too many cocktails"

(WOIO) - It's not your typical inmate, or prisoner hauled in. The man in the video is a well-respected federal administrative judge who was arrested for having one too many cocktails.

Watch how Michael Bartko went from respected citizen to prisoner.

"We're stuck on Bay Village on Lake Road behind an obviously drunk driver who's swerving all over the road, going between 25 and 35. It's just...waiting to get into an accident."

Judge Bartko arrested last weekend for driving drunk.

Another driver saw it and called in.

Police say he had a blood alcohol level of .29.

That's nearly four times the legal limit.

Here is surveillance video of the jail booking...and you see Bartko in handcuffs walking in.

A short time later police put him in a holding cell.

Then it gets worse.

We see the judge getting fingerprinted.  Later it looks like he's blowing into a breathalyzer.

Then you see Michael Bartko carrying an ID plate for photos.

Nothing says arrested like mug shots.

And nothing says prisoner like an orange jumpsuit.

He goes to change and walks back out an inmate.

Last we see of him....he's walking into a cell.

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