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Camel surrendered to ETX animal sanctuary

MURCHISON, TX (KLTV) - Saudi's been at Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison for two weeks and he's already captured the hearts of his new caretakers.

Saudi is a camel whose owners could not take care of him anymore, so they surrendered him to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch for a new life.

"For a camel this is a very friendly, curious camel. He definitely likes human companionship," said Ben Callison, director of the ranch.

Saudi makes interesting noises to try to "win over the ladies."

"His two tricks to try to attract the ladies; he's using all of his tricks in his bag," Callison said.

Saudi was originally dropped off at the Humane Society of North Texas.

"He was dropped off there from a private owner who had a private collection of exotic animals on his ranch and made the decision to give up Saudi because he didn't feel like he could care for him correctly anymore. Having exotic pets definitely has an allure, but when you actually get into the care of these animals, you start to realize how complex it is," Callison explained. 

Callison said on average, it takes the about $65 a week to properly care for a camel, and now Black Beauty Ranch has two.

"Omar is a pretty relaxed camel. He likes to chill underneath the tree for most of the day, but he does like the company. When we have had to move other animals out of his area he does get depressed," Callison said. 

Black Beauty Ranch said they will slowly start introducing the camels and hopefully, Omar will eventually have a new best friend.

Also at Black Beauty Ranch this week, rescued tigers the ranch has been caring for after they were confiscated from a roadside zoo are in the middle of a struggle.

Collins Exotic Zoo in Mississippi is now trying to get custody of rescued tigers that are being cared for by Callison and his staff. 

In January, the Humane Society of the U.S. seized the animals from the zoo and brought them to the Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison.

At a hearing on Thursday, the zoo asked to get the animals back.

Within the next 30 days, regulations will be given to the zoo, and they will have six months to meet those regulations.      

Until then, the tigers will remain in East Texas.

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