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Meet the 'Rescue Dogs'

Off they go an a very special mission!

This video is of a dog named Oreo; he's a pup in training, learning the trade of air scent.  

Southwest Rescue Dogs has a team of about 20 canines and handlers at the beck and call of local law enforcement. They've responded to many high profile cases, from missing children to lost hikers.

Their keen sense of smell is what gives them the ability to do what humans can't. You'd be amazed to hear what they're capable of.

"We've had searches where these dogs have found people 30 to 40 feet under water; they've found bodies buried under six feet of Earth for two years," says dog handler Tracy Kranz.

"How accurate are they? Dead on," says Viola Brown of Rescue Dogs, "If there's something buried it will tell you right where it's at.">

The dogs are trained from the time they are puppies usually to be able to track      down scents.

They are given paychecks--normally vienna sausages.

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