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VIDEO: Rains bring heavy flooding, damaging homes

There's some heavy flood damage in Tucson, Arizona after a storm that passed through in mid-July. The home video is pretty incredible; take a look!

You can see in the video taken from that storm, water rushing off a road and into the backyards of people's homes.

Two months after the waters are gone, damage and repairs remain.

Thousands of dollars worth of damage, and many people can not afford to mend what's broken.

One man faces a similar problem; he still lives in his house--with no carpet, and items in boxes all over his house.

"Yeah, it brings it back," says former Marine and homeowner Peter Cuniff, "Just like being in Vietnam. You know, it's not the exact same thing but misery, miserable, you know.:

The homeowners confronted the contractor and the county, but nobody is taking responsibility.

The Cincinatti Insurance Companies have responded, and homeowners claims against contractors have been denied.

Which leaves homeowners asking, "what's next."

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