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United States Supreme Court approves TX redistricting map

Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court said they would allow Texas to use the congressional districts drawn for the primary in this November's election.

The League of United Latin American Citizens said the map has the same flaws as the map federal judges in Washington previously rejected.

Latino rights groups say the redistricting map discriminates against minorities and makes the Hispanic vote less significant in some parts of the state.

East Texas Republicans said if the court hadn't made a decision soon, Texans would have been in trouble this November.

"The election is what, seven weeks away? So, if they hadn't... You couldn't have an election then basically. So, Texas couldn't be a part of this. I'm thankful they did it because it would have produced a real problem," said Smith County Republican Chair Ashton Oravetz.

Oravetz said be thinks the maps are fair and do no discriminate against minorities. He said, had the Democratic Party been in control of Texas, then he'd expect the maps to be drawn in a way that would help them pick up more Texas districts.

Oravetz said the thing that bothers him most about the whole redistricting issue is that Texas must still answer to the Voting Rights Act, unlike other states who he says have disenfranchised their voters.

"The state of Illinois had the same problem, because of what they did in Chicago. They made they districts so that the African Americans would be more in power and the Hispanics, who were growing, would not. When the appealed to a court up there, the court said they didn't quite agree with their maps, but they were 'ok' because the districts met the basics," Oravetz said.

After the election, permanent districts will need to be drawn. Those districts are supposed to remain the same until the census suggests they should be changed based on population growth.

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