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'It Can Wait' campaign: No more texting and driving

It's addicting, it's dangerous, and the problem is nationwide. Texting and driving.

"Your life is too important to your family; it is too important to your community, and we ask that you care about those loved ones around you, and to please cease texting, " said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. 

East Texans came together on Wednesday to join AT&T in their "It Can Wait" campaign, in regards to texting and driving.

"We're seeing more and more accidents we are seeing fatalities that are caused because of this inattention it creates," said Mayor Bass.

"If we can do without texting today that's one day, than we can do without it tomorrow, and we do those things one at a time, and pretty soon it becomes a habit that we're no longer texting while we are driving," said Mayor Bass.

Longview schools and city officials also talked about the importance of ending the growing trend.

"There could be a wreck in front of us, and we could be texting and won't be able to see it, and that puts our life in danger. So texting is a big thing that needs to be stopped while we are driving," said Longview High School senior, Torean Sheppard.

With 77 percent of surveyed teens who admit to have seen their parents text and drive, Mayor Bass says adults need to become more aware.

"As a parent you certainly set an example and if we can encourage our children to have good habits and take responsibility for their actions then that's a great foundation for later in their life," said Mayor Bass.

Local leaders say all of your messages, emails, and such can wait.

Along with "It Can Wait" campaign, September 19 is also a pledge day. AT&T focuses on asking people to pledge to make a lifelong commitment to never text and drive.

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