Do You Have The Right Car Insurance?

4 of every 5 drivers have some type of car insurance. However, many of them don't have the coverage they need to protect themselves if they're hit from an uninsured driver, and are left with a hefty deductible.

Recent figures by insurance companies show claims coming from uninsured drivers cost the industry $400 million a year. So why doesn't everyone just get insurance? "There are various reasons. One-depending on their driving record their past claim history, insurance maybe just too high to afford it," says John Durdin with State Farm insurance.

John says in many cases drivers believe they'll never be involved in an accident. To them, insurance would just be a waist of money.

At Quality Body Works in Longview, Patrick Rushing says he's seeing more and more accidents involving uninsured drivers. "This year that we've gotten quite frequently that we're writing estimates for people that have been hit by people who are uninsured," says Patrick Rushing.

Insurance companies say don't wait for an accident to find out what you're covered for. Besides collision coverage, you also want to be covered for uninsured motorists. That means when you are involved in an accident with a driver who has no insurance you're insurance will pay all the costs.

"There's a chance someone's going to injure you or damage your vehicle and not be able to pay for it," says John.

He says it's always cheaper to pay now rather than later.

Insurance companies say the price of adding uninsured coverage to your insurance isn't too costly. It ranges anywhere from $5 to $15 a month, depending on your driving record, how you use your vehicle, and your credit rating.

Amy Tatum reporting.