East Texas Gas Prices Vary From City To City

If you choose to fill up in one East Texas City, you'll notice a significant difference in what you pay per gallon.  Are cheaper gas prices worth making a drive for? We asked East Texans.
"Well I certainly will go to the place that's a lot cheaper," said Amy Chesley. "So shopping around will be my goal."
"I'm looking for the best," said Kenith Freeman. "I don't have ties to any particular company, just as long as I'm looking at that price."
"We kind of notice and try to pick the cheapest one actually," said Jack Coonce. "I travel with my job so I see a variety of prices all over Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana."
  What we found were gas prices at one of East Texas' largest cities, nickels and dimes less than the surrounding cities. Here's our comparison:
In Longview, regular unleaded gas averaged a $1.79 a gallon.
In Gilmer a Chevron is charging a $1.77 while a Chevron in Marshall charges $1.79.
A Texaco in Palestine is charging $1.83, while a Texaco in Jacksonville is charging $1.79.
However, in Tyler you can find regular unleaded gasoline prices at many places for $1.69. That's about ten cents less than other cities.
Why the difference from city to city?
  According to the Energy Information Administration, crude oil and taxes are the biggest factors. For what customers paid for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in May, rising crude oil prices accounted for 40 percent of retail gasoline costs.
  Varying federal, state and local taxes typically make up the other largest cost portion. The rest depends on refining costs and profits, and distribution and marketing costs. The recent decline in gas prices can be explained by a decrease in crude oil costs.  Despite a drop in Tyler of nearly 20 cents in a week, customers say they'll continue to watch gas signs and shop for the best deal in town.
According to AAA, the state average for regular unleaded gas is $1.84. The national average is $1.94.

Story by Maya Golden, mgolden@kltv.com