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So, are you camping out for the new iPhone?

Good afternoon, everyone!

We're working on a lot of stories for you today at 4, 5, and 6; here are a few of the things we'll cover:

At 4 we'll show you how people across the country are actually camping out for the iPhone 5, bringing sleeping bags and hunkering down until the release on Friday. You'll see video coming up.

We'll also show you a story about some "storm scammers;" a couple who claimed that they were homeless after Hurricane Isaac and they and their baby needed financial help. Turns out, they were lying to everyone. We'll show you what happened next.


At 5, we'll tell you about a new weight loss drug called Belviq that the FDA has given its approval to; our Lexie Cook will tell you all about it, how it works and if it could help you. Don't miss that!

Also, we'll have the story of an ETX boy who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new superhero dog; a dog that is trained to protect his life. Our Annette Falconer shares that story at 5.

At 6 we'll give you the latest of the Capital One bank robbery in Lindale last wee; some of the money has been turning up around town.

And we'll share  a bit about a local, well-respected doctor who passed away recently. Many ETX children were delivered by this man!

All that and more is coming up for you tonight on your best local news station! Click here to join us on the livestream.

We'll see you then!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer

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