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Better East Texas: Big Apple Pizza

By Pat Stacey

First it was Chick-Fil-A day several weeks ago supporting the restaurant's support of a traditional family and a counter demonstration followed several days later.  Now a pizza shop owner in Fort Piece, Florida is the center of a liberal – conservative battle.  This is the guy who bear-hugged President Obama and expressed his support for the president.  Well as you can imagine there was a backlash to make the restaurant owner look bad and it came in the form of an overnight drop in the ratings of his restaurant on several rating sites.  Big Apple Pizza went from a four or five star rating down to a one and many of those ratings were submitted by people thousands of miles away.  It just goes to show you that internet content that is based on opinion or is open to being manipulated is unreliable.  Whether it is web polls or viral emails, we should be cautious when considering them.  But this is also an example of U-S citizens looking for any way to express their frustration with and their loyalty for the president.  I can only hope that the people who took the time to wreck and repair Big Apple Pizza's restaurant review will take the time and cast their votes where it really counts in November.  Web surveys are one thing, exercising your right to vote for the presidential candidate of your choice is another.

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