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She says she stole money because she has cancer

Tonight at 10, Francesca Washington has a new report about the woman prosecutors say claimed a potentially fatal illness caused her to steal more than $100,000 from her former employer.  The Angelina county district attorney's office says Jamie Simmons' story is a case of fraud and personal greed.  Francesca will explain what's behind the decision to send a woman who says she's fighting cancer to prison.

You're probably seen Neal McCoy, the East Texas country singer, who's the man behind the East Texas Angel Network charity.  But, you've probably never seen him the way Lauren Callahan is going to present him.  It's a really corny story that's making quite a few people proud.

Make sure you tune in tonight to see the new additions being made to the wanted and busted boards.  You can see that during tonight's new edition of Crimefighters.



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