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ETX boy with diabetes prepares to get service dog


An East Texas boy is awaiting the arrival of his new superhero dog that has been trained specifically to protect his life.

His name is Bolt, and he's Joseph Scott's personal superhero dog.

"He's a different type of super dog. He doesn't jump over buildings or anything, he does something important in my life and he'll save my life one day," said Scott.

At 12 years-old, Joseph has Type One Diabetes, and if his blood sugar level gets to high or too low, he could suffer from seizures or even go into a coma.

Joseph's mother, Candy Scott, says Bolt is an extra set of eyes to keep Joseph safe.

"The dog will actually alert if Joseph has a low or high during the night and will alert and wake Joseph up," said Candy.

"Whenever I'm low or high he'll come over and sniff my leg and then he'll start pawing at me with his paw," said Joseph.

Bolt has been training with Brooks Labradors since he was just eight weeks old, and the Scotts have been anxiously waiting for him to arrive home.

"It's been a year in the process and making. It took a lot of steps and a lot of people, with the community, and businesses that gave to us," said Candy. 

Bolt came with a pretty price tag of more than $10,000, but his training and expertise will help him serve as what Joseph sees as, "his guardian angel".

"He goes everywhere with me. He goes to school, the house, he'll go out to eat, the mall, he'll go everywhere," said Joseph.

Joseph will receive Bolt in the end of October, at the end of his training.

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