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Better East Texas: John Tyler football

By Pat Stacey

The John Tyler Lions football team has been watched with great expectation since the end of last season.  What with a number of returning starters and great momentum, John Tyler seemed destined to sail through the early part of the season and into the playoffs undefeated.  But then, they played Lancaster and lost and lost also was the hope of a state championship – or was it?  This may be just what the team needed to go onto to be successful in the playoffs and, who knows, perhaps bring another title home to east Texas.  John Tyler should not have lost that game against Lancaster.  And so the real first test of the character of this team begins now and is rooted in how they bounce back from adversity.  Truly great teams rise to overcome a challenge and it is now up to Coach Ricklan Holmes and the individual players to decide to not look back.  It is exciting to see high school sporting teams encounter and overcome challenges.  I think they may learn from situations like this one that John Tyler is facing than they do from the classroom.  It is still early in the season and every high school football team is still in it and the next week or two will reveal who is great and who is average.  It is a great lesson in life and these young players are the winners, no matter what the score is and that makes for a Better East Texas.

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