Changing Our World: Debbie Lauman

Debbie Lauman says becoming a school director was never in her career plans, but it must have been in God's.

As director of Tyler's Stepping Stone school, Lauman knows she's in the right place at the right time. Lauman is passionate about the value of quality education for the very young. She says a good foundation for children during their early formative years is vital.

Growing up, Lauman always wanted to teach. But when her home economics degree wasn't helpful in securing a teaching job, she took a job with the Texas Extension Service where she trained child care providers. Even though her management skills have been the main consideration in her career, Lauman still thinks of herself as a teacher since she spends part of her time training Stepping Stone teachers. As director of Stepping Stone school, the quality Debbie Lauman brings to education is Changing Our World.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.