Laser Straight: "Does It Work?"

In the 20s, 30s and 40s, it was laser beams and laser guns-- futuristic sci-fi gadgets that filled the pages of comic books. These days, lasers are a common reality, accomplishing tasks like improving our vision and performing complex surgeries. But they have more simple uses too... things like laser pointers and the gadget we're testing in this week's "Does It Work?" report.

Laser Straight is the laser guided leveler. The package says it projects a perfectly straight line on any surface and promises a perfect job every time. We set out to line up six KLTV group photos, which were hung at various heights on a single wall.

The Laser Straight takes two AAA batteries and comes with some reusable putty adhesive that holds it to the wall. Just press it on at your desired hanging level, make minor adjustments using the built-in bubble leveler and then for safety, use the supplied push pin to make sure the Laser Straight stays in place.

The laser line is nice and bright... and red. It's easy to even up the top of the pictures with the line but we still have to invent a way to figure out how high to put the nails so the tops of the frames ends up on the laser line. We manage and ended up with 6 perfectly lined-up picture frames.

"Does It Work?" We give the Laser Straight a "yes."

The Laser Straight costs 20 dollars. We found it at Target. But it's also available at most discount stores or online.