Henderson Students Witness Reagan Funeral

A group of East Texas middle school students took a recent trip to Washington D.C., and witnessed history in the making. They saw President Ronald Reagan's funeral procession.

"It's something I can tell my kids and grand kids, that I saw Ronald Reagan casket go by and its something you never forget," said middle school student Taryn Jones.

The trip to the nation's capitol was booked last October.  Last Monday, 19 students witnessed something that hasn't been done for 31 years.

"Words can't describe how you feel when you see the caisson go by,  you feel honored, privileged to actually be there," said middle school student Whitney Gill. The group's tour guide had changed their itinerary so the kids would be on the parade route for the caisson, and many will remember those few seconds that they saw the flag-draped casket.

"I can take this trip over and over again and probably will in future years.  I'll take other groups of students, but there will never be this moment with this group of students," says history teacher and trip organizer Donna Abercrombie.

School organizers plan to make the Washington trip an annual event.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.