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Video of bank robber

We still have crews gathering information about the fatal plane crash near Lake Palestine today.  We will have a new report with the latest details, tonight at 10.  You'll  hear more from witnesses who saw the plane go down. 

We're also continuing to gather information about the bank robbery that happened in Lindale this afternoon.  Lauren Callahan will have a new report that includes video the FBI gave us that shows the robber in action.

A local woman who's undergoing cancer treatment says thieves couldn't have picked a worse time to steal from her.  Tonight at 10, you'll meet Tanya Oliver, a business owner who says the thieves who stole bounce houses from her Lufkin business stole more than material goods.  She'll explain why they stole her hope.  Chrystel Phillips will have a new report on how Oliver's neighbors are trying to give her back hope. 

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